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Website SEO report

Pamela originally got in touch with me for some advice on how to get her website to rank higher with search engines.

I reviewed the site and prepared a report with a variety of suggestions for Pamela to put into practice, including testing her site for mobile-friendliness and installing a cache plugin. Another area for improvement was writing more text for each blog post and page, adding subheadings, and targeting specific key phrases for each page or post. I also suggested optimizing images to make them load faster, and adding “alt” tags to images.

Web site hack cleanup

A few months later she contacted me again – sadly her WordPress site had been hacked and her hosting company had quarantined some suspect files, so the site wasn’t working. Once I had access to her web hosting, I went in and made a full backup before starting work.

Having established which files were missing and what needed updating, I installed a fresh copy of WordPress and updated the server PHP software, as well as the current set of WordPress plugins. After restoring one missing file from her site’s WordPress theme, the site was back online again.

Website redesign

Once the dust had settled from the hacking attack, Pamela decided it was time for a site makeover – her current design wasn’t working too well on mobile devices and didn’t have the features she needed.

I installed the Vega theme from ThemeGoods as a basis, and then began customizing it to suit Pamela’s specific requirements. This involved setting up the fonts and colour scheme, creating some page layouts, and adding some custom code (inside a “child theme“) to tweak certain aspects of the design. Although most themes nowadays have a control panel where you can modify fonts, colours and layout, a bit of custom coding is often necessary to fine-tune the spacing of page elements, or the size and position of headings and subheadings.


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April 21, 2017